When it comes to selling online, no matter what kind of product you are selling, it is very important that you put time and effort when it comes to the selection of the place where you will be selling the products that you are offering online. There are a lot of online marketplaces, but not all of them were created equal. While some are a great resource for online sellers, a lot of them charge numerous fees without actually delivering a good enough number of customers. That is why in this article we will show you three of the best places for you to sell your products online.


This online marketplace is probably the most familiar and long-standing one out there. While there is no limit for the kind of items that can be listed on eBay, the products that tend to do the best are ones of online sellers that offer products that are rare or branded, items like vintage goods and ones that are collectibles. When you sell products online on eBay there is a 10% fee from the total sale value that you have to pay, that comes up to a maximum charge of $750. EBay is also a great place for selling products online because it is the ideal place to get customers internationally, or if you are a merchant that already has international customers. This is because the company has something called the Global Shipping Program. With this program, you as a seller can send your goods to the eBay warehouse in Kentucky and upon the sale the company simply fills out the necessary customs forms and sends the products to their destination.


Bonanza has 25.000 registered business and it is one of the best available choices for people that sell fashion items online. This a marketplace that resembles eBay and on it sellers can create online booths for the items they sell, which are listed at fixed rates. This company does not require listing fees, but it does take a 3.5% closing fee on all sales that are under $500. For transactions that are of higher value, Bonanza charges a so-called flat fee of $17.50 plus a 1.5% of the sale amount of over $500. Probably the only drawback of using this online marketplace for selling your products online is that it lacks the name recognition that some other marketplaces have.


Something that sets this marketplace apart from all the other ones out there is that in order for you to sell your product online on this site you need to be invited to participate. This means that this online marketplace features a carefully chosen selection of shops and boutiques and because of that the platform has a selection of high quality fashion, jewelry, craft goods and entertainment items that are favorites among the online shoppers that visit the site. After you have been approved to sell on 11Main, you then have the freedom to create content and list your items for sale at $0.-5 per month, per product. The site also retains a 3.5% of the value of the sale you make up to a maximum of $50 per sale.

Thanks to the internet and how wide-spread it is, there is no longer a need for anyone to have a physical store in order to have a successful business. Instead, when selling your products online you can easily take advantage of all of the already established marketplaces and by choosing the right one you can avoid hefty fees and contracts and successfully grow your business in the coming years.