As you may know, there are so many free and premium solutions for you to create a store online using various platforms and extensions. But, have you ever thought that you can turn Blogger into a fully functional online eCommerce store?

Read on…

You may already have a Blogger page, that is made and powered by Google, with limitless possibilities to rank on the SERPs – and you can now create a store online out of it. Besides that, you can always use it for blogging and creating content, yet still make some profit out of it.

And the best part is that you can use solely Google and all it’s tools to achieve this. This is how to do it:

Step 1: Create a Blogger Page

That’s easy. Head on and register a free account – then you are fully available to create a new website or page that you can turn into a store.

Step 2: Find Products

What are you blogging about? Or perhaps, what can you do? Regardless if you do custom jewelry, clothing or dropshipping – you can still set up any type of product to sell on your new store and sell them online. It’s crucial to determine if you are going to sell physical or digital goods so you can structure and create the store to sell them online, yet still be automatic in terms of processing.

Step 3: Set up Google Checkout

Once your product are setup, you can place the widget called Google Checkout. This will add a cart option for your store and let you process your sales online automatically. The best thing to do is manage your inventory management system manually or via POS solution.

Step 4: Google Trusted Stores

Do you want to step-up your game? Join the GTS program and Google will add you as a trusted brand, and recommend your services across the platforms where applicable.

Step 5: Design your Online Store

Now that we have all the functions and processes in place we can design the online store we created by adding various templates supplied by Blogger. No coding, no headaches, just go trough their library and find a template that suits your niche and flavor.

Step 6: E-Commerce Friendly

Last, but not least. Make your created store online be ecommerce friendly by adding different currency options, shopping card options, payment methods and shipping. Adding a plugins or extensions like ECWID         will help you structure the site on a learning curve where the products will recommend themselves by adding bundles and packages.

What do you think? We bet you never heard of this available yet budget friendly option to start and run an online store that is solely created by you.