How many hours did you ‘waste’ scrolling on Tumblr today? Seriously, it’s time to get your Tumblr addiction and turn it into something profitable by creating a store online and make some profits.

Confused? Of course you can create a store out of your Tumblr page and profile. It’s easy.

Follow the guide on creating a store on Tumblr and selling products online…

Your Tubmlr blog page can be modified to a rock solid ecommerce store and ready for shoppers – and the best advantage out if this is the traffic. All you need to do is keep on re-sharing content and promote your products by doing that.

Step 1: Create Tumblr

Just in case you don’t have a tumblr page, it’s time to register a free account and create one. We`ll make that free page into an online store later.

Step 2: Choose A Theme

By my experience, the best theme to use for this purpose is the Portfolio theme. Just head to your account, find “Customize Appearance” in the side bar to change your new site theme.

On the “Theme tab”, you will find various selection of tumblr themes but they are not usually built for eCommerce – so just look for the Portfolio theme or any theme that can layout in boxes so you can set your products there.

Save that.

Step 3: Products time

By clicking the Text icon on your dashboard , you can change the Title and create a designated title for every product on your store online. You can add a photo by clicking the Photo icon and description, where you will showcase the products visually.

The HTML option on the toolset will be used for the payment processor. Choose one from the many online, such as Paypal, Stripe, Google Checkout, Payoneer and much more – they all offer a HTML form for getting payments. Paste it in the HTML option, and you are all set for that point.

Step 4: Add Description and Copy

In the “Post” option of the toolset you can add a detailed description for the product you are going to sell. Remember, visitors will make a purchasing decision out of this post – so add all the features and benefits in order to get more conversion on the store you are creating online via Tumblr.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat

Do all the steps previously mentioned for every new product you are about to add. Once you are finished, your Tumblr layout will showcase all the products by image, short description and button – and will show the full description when the posts are opened.

Are you Tumblers ready to create your first store online? What are the products you plan to sell? Let us know in the comment section bellow!